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Whatever You Make, Make it at BAT

From makers of snacks and sauces, to sideboards and circuit boards, Brooklyn Army Terminal is home to manufacturers large and small who thrive on the campus's affordability, stability, and support.

Meet our Tenants

BAT Tenant. Photo by NYCEDC.
Jacques Torres Chocolate
BAT Tenant. Photo by NYCEDC.
RIVA precision
The Konery at Brooklyn Army Terminal
The Konery
How a Metal Spring Manufacturer Became Essential During a Pandemic
Lee Spring
Uncommon Goods
Uncommon Goods
BAT Tenant MOMO Dressing. Photo by Kreg Holt/NYCEDC.
MOMO dressing

Everything about Brooklyn Army Terminal allows me to grow from the infrastructure, space, lay-out, transportation options, management, and affordability.

RIVA Precision
Jewelry manufacturer, at BAT since 2013

A Manufacturing Community

BAT has a growing ecosystem of companies in traditional and advanced manufacturing, food and fashion, and film/TV/media production. Our campus is built with a flexibility that can meet the needs of 21st-century manufacturing businesses:

  • Micromanufacturing Hubs offer dedicated space for small industrial businesses to grow within the campus
  • A Food Manufacturing Hub offers space for small food manufacturing firms
  • Large floorplates are available for anchor tenants

Businesses at BAT benefit from a range of amenities, including an on-site 24/7 facilities team, workforce development programs, and on-site daycare and universal pre-kindergarten.

BAT Makerspace. Photo by Kreg Holt/NYCEDC.

Futureworks Makerspace at BAT

Businesses at BAT can take advantage of Futureworks Makerspace, a 20,000-square-foot advanced manufacturing center with access to high-tech equipment.

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BAT is also home to BioBAT, a partnership with the Research Foundation for SUNY, on behalf of Downstate Health Sciences University. BioBAT’s mission is to:

  • Foster the growth of the life sciences industry and create jobs
  • Offer research and manufacturing space to biotechnology and related companies
  • Provide opportunities to work with SUNY Downstate scientists, clinicians, and students
  • Engage the broader community through entrepreneurship, workforce development, and educational programs.

Interested in leasing space at BAT? Learn more about available space, amenities, and financial incentives.

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Tenant Directory

Here's a complete list of our current tenants.

Absolute MechanicalTechnologyB5H-5
Adapt AbilityTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingAnnex201
AlgiKnit Inc.Life Sciences / HealthALab 883
Alliance Enterprises IVDistribution / WarehouseB2D
Altronix CorporationTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingA2N
American Museum of Natural HistoryArts and CreativeB7C
APSCO Sports EnterprisesFashion / Made in NYB1G
Arch FurnitureTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB8F
ArtBuilt BrooklynArts and CreativeB7G, 7I
Artistic Furniture MakersTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB1F
Avalanche AirTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingA08EST
Back to AfricaDistribution / WarehouseA6M
BAT Kids CenterRetail / Campus AmenitiesB 
Bay Ridge Sunset Park Dialysis CenterLife Sciences / HealthB1I(A)
Benson MillsTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingA7J
Best Case and AccessoriesDistribution / WarehouseB2I
Best Home DecoratorsDistribution / WarehouseB6A
Bestec ConceptsFashion / Made in NYB8D
BettertexTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB5I
Big Apple Graphics/Universal PrintingDistribution / WarehouseB4A
BioBAT Inc.Life Sciences / HealthABioBAT South 2nd Fl.
BiotiaLife Sciences / HealthA 
Black Sea Imports Inc.Distribution / WarehouseB2C
Brooklyn ImmunoTheraputicsLife Sciences / HealthA2100
Brooklyn West HedgesTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingA5N-2
Button Down FactoryFashion / Made in NYA5N-7
Calder BiosciencesLife Sciences / HealthA8J, 8L
Cartridge EvolutionTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB4E
CastradsTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingA5H-1
ChashamaArts and CreativeA & B4I
Chemitope GlycopeptideLife Sciences / HealthA8J
City SauceryFood ManufacturingAnnex302
CMS Management SolutionsDistribution / WarehouseB6D
Cohen MattressesTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB5H-7
CortecnetLife Sciences / HealthA 
Direct PromotionsFashion / Made in NYB6G, 3F
District 20 PreK CenterRetail / Campus AmenitiesA10WST
E.F.S. DesignsFashion / Made in NYA2M
Efram Office FurnitureDistribution / WarehouseB2E
Elbrus Air Conditioning ServiceTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB1E
Ephemeral SolutionsLife Sciences / HealthA8L
Evolution CabinetsTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB7H-4
FABSCRAPFashion / Made in NYB5H-4
Flash ElectronicsDistribution / WarehouseB1A
Ford DealershipRetail / Campus AmenitiesFree StandingN/A
Futureworks MakerspaceTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB1C
Fuzion CreationsFashion / Made in NYA7K
Fallen Industry Design StudioTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingA5N-6
Fork & GoodeLife Sciences / HealthA842, 843
Global ImportsDistribution / WarehouseB5F
Granola LabFood ManufacturingAnnex303
Green MustacheFood ManufacturingB7H-7
Guggenheim MuseumArts and CreativeB5C
IEH CorporationTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB8E
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)Life Sciences / HealthA8J, 8L
Italian Tile Marble & GraniteDistribution / WarehouseA2DOCK
Jacques Torres ChocolateFood ManufacturingB6H
Jewelry Pak Inc.Traditional and Advanced ManufacturingB7F
JomashopTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB3B, 6J, 6K, 6N
JT Wood Finishing CorporationTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB7H-5
King TeleservicesTechnologyB7E
The KoneryFood ManufacturingA5N-4
Kraus Aerospace, Inc.Traditional and Advanced ManufacturingA5N-2
LabQ DiagnosticsLife Sciences / HealthA3L
Lafayette 148Fashion / Made in NYB5D, 7D
Lee Spring CompanyTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB3C
Legend Distributions Inc.Distribution / WarehouseA3K
Liquid TechnologyDistribution / WarehouseB8C
Li-Lac ChocolatesFood ManufacturingA3M
Lowercase NYCTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB5H-8
Luxury Gourmet SweetsFood ManufacturingAnnex405
Manex USAFashion / Made in NYB6C
Marc Joseph NYFashion / Made in NYA8M
Mark Morris Dance GroupArts and CreativeA09EST
Max Wang StudiosTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingAnnex402
Mega AidLife Sciences / HealthB8G
Modern Kitchen & Bath DesignsTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingA8K
Momo DressingFood ManufacturingAnnex301
Momo Test KitchenRetail / Campus AmenitiesAnnexLobby
New York Embroidery StudioFashion / Made in NYA8N
National Bias BindingDistribution / WarehouseA2L
Nimex GroupTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB6E
Norwegian BakedFood ManufacturingAnnex303
NYWD, Inc.Traditional and Advanced ManufacturingA6L
OEM SourceDistribution / WarehouseB5G
Ombligo Group, Inc.Traditional and Advanced ManufacturingB4G
Personal Touch Health Care Apparel, Inc.Life Sciences / HealthA10EST
Pete's Brooklyn EatsRetail / Campus AmenitiesBLobby
Pick and Pack HubFashion / Made in NYB7H-3
Pit StopRetail / Campus AmenitiesBLobby
Plazatex Textile Import Export Corp.Distribution / WarehouseB4F
PoursteadyTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB7H-6
PowercamDistribution / WarehouseB2G
Quality CuttingMade in NYB4B
R. Ben Toe Corp.Distribution / WarehouseA2K
R.A.M.S MechanicalTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB4D
RegenLabLife Sciences / HealthA 
RINDFood ManufacturingAnnex202
Riva Jewelry ManufacturingTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB8B
Rooftop FilmsArts and CreativeAnnex3E
Rvinyl.comTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB7H-2
Saedico CorporationFood ManufacturingAnnex401
Saleh and Dirani Architectural ModellingTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingAnnex404
Sentry Elevator Corp.Traditional and Advanced ManufacturingB5H-1
Siegel & StockmanFashion / Made in NYB1D
Silly Phillie CreationsFashion / Made in NYB6F
Sleeping Partners InternationalTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB3E
Solar TimeTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingA7M
Star Five GroupDistribution / WarehouseB3A
USA Made TextilesFashion / Made in NYB8H
Viva Time Corp.Distribution / WarehouseB5H-6
We Are the New Farmers, Inc.Food ManufacturingAnnex403
Wiggby PrecisionTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB8A
Workforce 1 Industrial & Transportation Career CenterRetail / Campus AmenitiesBLobby
Y D DesignsTraditional and Advanced ManufacturingB7H-4

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