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Brooklyn Army Terminal’s immense size and unique combination of building specifications enable the complex to support a wide variety of business uses.


  • 97-acre site
  • Two eight-story buildings
  • 4 million square feet of building space

Available Space


  • 3.1 million square feet of rentable space
  • 900,000 square feet of developable space


  • Rentable units range from 4,500 to 39,000 square feet
  • Units can also be assembled to increase rentable space on floor plates ranging up to 200,000 square feet

Physical Specs


  • Located in a medium manufacturing (M2-1) zone
  • Attractive Waterfront Location
  • Secure on-site parking


  • Solid construction supports loads of up to 250 pounds per square foot
  • Support columns are spaced at 20 feet on center on a grid
  • Rooftop access and usable rooftop space
  • Satellite-ready rooftop


  • Convenient access to major highways and freight railway service
  • Automatic freight elevators rated at 10,000 pounds capacity
  • Scissor lifts available
  • 118 loading docks

Systems & Utilities    

  • High-tech video surveillance system installed and operational
  • Efficient gas heating
  • Individual gas and electric meters
  • Fiber-optic phone network
  • High-speed Internet connections

Floor Plans

BAT Annex
  • Single-Tenant
  • Multi-Tenant
Building A
  • Grade Level
  • First Floor - Dock Level
  • Floors 2-8
Building B
  • First Floor - Dock Level
  • Second Floor
  • Floors 3-8